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bettr homes

bettr homes delivers state-of-the-art, sustainable homes that are designed to be high performance, healthy, resilient, intelligent, and supremely comfortable. Because our homes are optimized for efficiency, they reduce ongoing operating costs and lower the total cost of home ownership, offering financial and emotional security to our customers.


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why us?

bettr homes delivers the highest quality homes at the best value possible. We care deeply about our customers—we want them to be happy, healthy, sustainable, and prosperous, so we deliver them homes that are:

■  net-zero energy
■  all-electric
■  healthy
■  resilient
■  connected
■  water conserving
■  designed to optimize comfort

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built bettr

bettr homes utilizes the most advanced building science practices and innovative products, like structural insulated panels (SIPs) —an extremely durable, energy-efficient building envelope solution, to ensure that our homes are optimized for performance, comfort, and resiliency.

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live bettr

as the fastest growing green builder in the Southeast, we’re taking energy efficiency, wellness, and sustainability to a whole new level! We are committed to delivering the highest performance, healthiest, most comfortable homes to our customers at the best value possible—our homes make our customers’ lives better!

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do bettr

doing bettr is more than just a mission statement to us, it’s our PASSION. We have made a solid commitment to leave our customers and our planet better than we found them, to invest in regenerative sustainable communities, and to exemplify that life is better when we work together.